This document contains all terms and conditions between us (Mr Window Ltd) and you (the purchaser). We do not intend to provide and goods or services not described. Any variation of order or addition to works specified will only have effect if agreed in writing and authorised by a senior member of Mr Window Ltd.

  1. You, the purchaser, are entitled to cancel this agreement before the end of the seventh day which it was
    signed and dated. In order to cancel you must send notice in writing to Mr Window Ltd. Should an order be
    placed at any of our outlets there will be no cancellation period.
  2. We will complete the manufacturing process as soon as possible. Delivery and collection dates are given in good faith but are only dependable providing there are no unforeseen circumstances due to delay our deadlines. The company cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by delay in manufacturing or delivering of goods.
  3. Once goods have been delivered or collected then you, the purchaser have 72 hours to report any damage. Any damaged reported after the 72 hours will not be covered by Mr. Window Ltd.
  4. Once goods have been delivered and payment made in full, Mr Window Ltd will guarantee for a period of 10 years, with the following exceptions:i) Sealed unit (5 years)
    ii) Door panels and door slabs (5 years)
    iii) Locks, hinges and furniture (moving parts) (1year)
    iv) Polycarbonate sheeting (1 year)In the event of product failure Mr Window Ltd will uphold manufacturer
    warranty and replace goods free of charge, excluding labourer.
  5. All glass used is the best available, but glass manufacturers will not give a guarantee covering minor imperfections and therefore Mr Window Ltd cannot be held liable for any such imperfections. Glass manufacturers guarantees do not cover cracked or shattered sealed units.
  6. Our double glazed units are designed to reduce heat loss. The fitting of double glazing will not eliminate condensation. This is dependant upon the environment within the dwelling. We are unable to guarantee or warranty that double glazing will reduce or eliminate condensation.
  7. If during the life of the guarantee components become unavailable the company reserves the right to supply similar components to replace products under guarantee.
  8. Our company policy is one of continued development to it’s products therefore the company reserves the right to change product designs without notice, customers will be advised of changes made which are considered needs to be brought to the purchasers attention.
  9. The company shall rely on the purchaser to pay the whole balance of the contract. Failure to pay the balance at practical completion would be a breach of this contract. Credit card payments are subject to a 2% levy.
  10. Ownership of the goods specified in the first part of this agreement shall not pass to the purchaser until the whole of the purchase price has been received by Mr Window Ltd.
  11. Unless agreed between a director of Mr Window Ltd and the purchaser and confirmed in writing by both parties the above terms and conditions will solely apply.