Why Choose Patio Doors?

Typically known as sliding glass doors, Patio doors consist of 2 to 4 glass panes set on tracks, which slide open – they’re a practical choice, using minimal space to allow access to gardens, whilst allowing light to pour into your home. Here at Mr Window, we manufacture and supply double glazed, bespoke patio doors, available in multiple colours, styles and finishes. We have options in uPVC and aluminium, both of which use toughened, ‘A’ Rated glass as standard to keep you secure. In addition, all our doors are made-to-measure, manufactured right here in the UK, giving you added confidence in the durability of your new doors. Our patio doors are capable of improving the visuals of any property, no matter the style – hence their popularity amongst our customers.

Our Patio Doors

  • Slim line, smart, and highly durable
  • ‘A’ Rated glass as standard
  • Low threshold available in either silver or gold
  • Secured by Design accredited
  • Multi-point locking system, locking hook shoot-bolts
  • uPVC or aluminium
  • Bespoke, available in multiple colours and finishes
  • Enjoy bold and bright views

Ensuring your safety

We understand that security is the number 1 priority for the majority of our customer’s – that’s why all our products are Secured by Design accredited, installed by FENSA qualified professionals, ensuring a professional product and a professional service. Our patio doors utilise a multi-point locking system, coming equipped with toughened, ‘A’ rated glass as standard. Our multi-point locking system incorporates security systems designed to ensure your safety, such as our locking hook-shoot bolts. With our patio doors, you’ll know you and your family are safe and secure.

Beautifully bespoke

Our patio doors are bespoke, beautifully designed just for you, to match your style and décor. Available in a wide range of colours, we’re sure we’ll be able to match or compliment the theme of your property. We offer uPVC and aluminium patio doors, both of which are highly customisable. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of frame options and handle colours – we’re sure our patio doors will match your style, provide natural light and enhance your home.

Why Choose Us?

Our priority is the creation of bespoke, made-to-measure patio doors, defined by beauty, style and security. First, we’ll work with you to design your dream patio doors, before a professional FENSA qualified fitter installs them. Our Patio doors are manufactured within five days, due to our state-of-the-art UK facilities, located on Benfleet Road, Hadleigh in Essex. Considering most other companies have a 14 day turnaround period, you’ll be saving significant time with us. We’ve been established for over 25 years, and our durability is evident in our products, too.

We credit our longevity to our trustworthiness, reliability and professionalism. Our work is carried out with the sanctity of your home in mind – no mess will be left and we’ll ensure that once the job is done, your home will be just how we found it… Except, of course, now with new, graceful patio doors.

If you have any budgetary concerns, we have ‘buy now, pay later’ schemes available, with a 0% interest-free rate between 12 and 60 months. We’re always here to help – whether you need new patio doors and would like a quote, or you’re simply looking for a chat with a friendly professional. Please call us on 01702 555553, or contact us via our online quote calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are patio doors a security risk?

Many individuals believe patio doors to be a security risk due to their large glass panes – however, this is not true. Patio doors are incredibly secure. We use toughened, ‘A rated’ glass as well as a multi-point locking system utilising locking hook shoot-bolts, to put your mind at ease and keep your household safe. Moreover, all of our patio doors are Secured by Design accredited.

Are patio doors energy efficient?

Our patio doors are incredibly energy efficient – all of our patio doors utilise toughened, ‘A Rated’ glass to ensure warmth in the colder months of the year. Our doors are designed to keep you warm, and to keep your energy bills low.

Are patio doors worth it?

We believe so – if you’re seeking wonderful views and an open feel to your property, patio doors are going to achieve this. Alongside this, we ensure bespoke designs which complement your property, enhancing the visuals both inside and out. Furthermore, sliding patio doors will ensure space is saved and better ventilation (via the sliding doors) is the spring and summer.

What are better, sliding patio doors or bi-fold doors?

The answer will be subjective – if you’re seeking greater control of your door (for example, only opening the door slightly) and extra space, sliding doors will be right for you. However, bi-fold doors can be folded completely back, creating an open space. We’re happy to offer any advice or guidance to help you make your choice.

Are patio doors practical?

Yes, incredibly so! They’re sliding function makes them remarkably easy to open. Furthermore, sliding doors can be opened slightly for ventilation purposes, allowing you to control the airflow to a specific degree, unlike most other doors. Moreover, due to their ability to slide, they are a fantastic space saver, permitting you extra room.