victorian conservatories

Victorian Conservatories

A very popular choice for our customers as this conservatory looks great on traditional (older) properties as well as modern dwellings. Mr Window Victorian conservatories are all manufactured in house and use ‘A Rated’ toughened safety glass to make your conservatory even safer and energy efficient

edwardian conservatories

Edwardian Conservatories

A real focus point, the Edwardian conservatory adds necessary space to today’s home in a simple yet elegant way, and all of our bespoke designs can incorporate ways to circulate air through openers and roof vents, as well as being available with a selection of single or double doorways

elizabethan conservatories

Elizabethan Conservatories

This type of Conservatory is great for you if you have a lovely big garden as you can see all of it from inside due to the style and shape of it as there are minimal obstructions in this classically shaped rectangle conservatory. Take a look at some of our recent installations and get in touch to book an appointment

gable front conservatories

Gable Front Conservatories

Gable front conservatories have been designed to make the best use of space and help to maximise light and the feeling of height in the room. Why not take a look at some of our previous Conservatory projects, we are sure you will love the look of them and welcome any questions you may have

lean to conservatories

Lean To Conservatories

Adding a lean to conservatory is an economical and fast way to add another room to your home. We make all of our standard sized and bespoke conservatories from materials that are strong and durable, making your conservatory a long lasting way to extend your property.

corner infill conservatories

Corner Infill Conservatories

By design this type of Conservatory will only need two sides so will be a cost-effective option for anyone with two right angled walls at the back of their house that wants to open up the property.

p shaped conservatories

P Shaped Conservatories

We can combine Victorian, Edwardian or gable front options to match the style you require. Pure indulgence and elegance can be achieved, and a sense of light, height and space is always an advantage to a P-shaped conservatory.

t shaped conservatories

T Shaped Conservatories

The t section means that we combine the part of the conservatory that meets the wall with a specific style – a perfect choice for those that wish to add Victorian, Edwardian or Gable front style to the new space