Traditional, Contemporary & Beautiful Doors

At Mr Window, we pride ourselves on our wide range of doors, all bespoke, available in a vast array of colours, finishes and styles. Browse our range of door styles below- take a look and select the door you need, and we can design something purely bespoke, suited to your style, requirements and needs. We can manufacture and install bi-fold, composite, French, panel and patio doors- whatever you need. We know we’ll be able to install a door to give you the entrance to your home you’ve always wanted. Please give us a call, or an email, if you’re seeking some help or advice.

Browse our Doors Galleries, you’ll be able to see all our types and styles of doors upon completion.

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If you would prefer to dive straight in, feel free to design your own door using our Interactive Door Designer Tool.

First impressions count – you’re going to want an exterior to your home defined by style, grace and personality. At Mr Window, we understand your needs – as a professional double glazing company, we can assure you a high quality service, including:

  • Professional, FENSA qualified installers
  • Secured By Design accredited products
  • Toughened, ‘A’ Rated glass as standard
  • Multipoint locking systems
  • Inhouse manufacturing, achieved in Essex
  • Bespoke designs, just for you

Styled for you and just you…

We believe in choice – homeowners may have a variety of design decisions to make, and we’re here to help. You may desire a sophisticated set of double doors, creating a grand ambience. Alternatively, you may opt for elegant doors with room height windows, to increase the light that flows through an entrance porch.

Whatever your style, our passionate team will help you plan your replacement doors, offering added protection at the entrance of your home via our state-of-the-art security features, whilst enhancing the beauty and grace of your property via unique designs which are wholly yours.

We have a range of composite, timber-framed and uPVC doors that can provide your home with the timeless elegance it deserves. If light inside your house is limited, we can add additional glass to the design of your doors. Perhaps you’re needing obscure glass – this is ideal if you’re seeking natural light coupled with privacy. If you’re wondering what the differences are between uPVC and composite doors, then look no further than our Guide.

Capitalising on reinforced materials, our doors – front or back, patio or French, bi-folding or sliding – offer genuine protection. Couple with optimum security locks, you’ll be safe knowing your property is secure, keeping intruders out.

We can paint finish wooden doors and can provide multiple choices of uPVC doors in a variety of finishes, to suit the overall style of your home. By adding stylish, elegant accessories to your new door, you can enhance the visuals of your property. uPVC doors have many advantages you should be aware of when considering new doors.

Why Choose Us?

Our chief priority is to design, create and install beautiful, bespoke doors to satisfy your every design requirement. Our customer-first approach will enable you to achieve a superior replacement door, something uniquely yours. We dedicate our time, energy and expertise to achieving your dream door, drawing upon our 25 + years of experience to realise your dream. Our products are not reliant on external suppliers – indeed, we manufacture our replacement doors inhouse, in our UK-based state of the art facilities – this manufacturing prowess means all our doors are made-to-measure for the perfect fit, every time. If you have any budgetary concerns, we have ‘buy now, pay later’ schemes available, with a 0% interest-free rate between 12 and 60 months. Our team of friendly, professional experts are eager to assist – call us for questions or quotations on 01702 555553 or get in contact via our online price calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are uPVC doors safe?

Despite their affordability, uPVC doors are tremendously safe and secure, defined by their safety features and durability. They are just as safe – if not safer – than their timber counterparts. Furthermore, at Mr Window we craft all our bespoke doors inhouse, to ensure the highest quality workmanship built on state-of-the-art safety mechanisms. Our uPVC doors are built to provide thermal efficiency, security and low maintenance.

Are Bi-Fold Doors secure?

Despite the minimalist appearance of the Bi-Fold Door, they are in fact completely secure and safe. Our Bi-Fold doors are built to utilise toughened, ‘A Rated’ glass as standard, multi-point locking systems and the highest quality materials. Furthermore, all our doors are Secured by Design accredited, to ensure you and your household are safe and secure from intruders.

Is a composite door better than wood?

Typically, a composite door is going to outperform standard wood. Composite doors are a viable option for any homeowner seeking a low maintenance door built for safety, security and customisation. At Mr Window, our composite doors are bespoke, durable and incredibly safe, to ensure a product championing excellence.

Why is my door not locking?

When a door is refusing to lock, it’s typically due to the door latch as opposed to the lock itself. It might be that the latch no longer aligns to the hole in the strike plate. Door locking issues are usually due to the door latch and not the locking mechanism. If you’re DIY savvy, you can attempt to fix the problem yourself – however if you would like an expert opinion and service, you can always give us a call to identify and fix the problem.

Why isn’t my door closing properly?

There are multiple reasons why your door may be failing to close properly – before you can attempt to fix the problem yourself, you’ll need to identify what exactly is causing the problem. Usually, the problem will find its roots in the door hinges, latches or jambs. We advise checking these areas and associated mechanisms first. If you’re having trouble identifying the issue and would like some expert assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re door specialists, and we’re always happy to help.