Why Choose Bay Windows?

If you’re looking to foster an environment of class, beauty and individuality, look no further than our bay windows. A bay window is a window-area which protrudes outwards from the walls of your property, forging a ‘bay’ in the room. This style will open up your living space, allowing supplementary light and offering additional room you otherwise would not have had available. Its presence can create a unique, spacious place to relax inside your home whilst developing an elegant atmosphere to the exterior of your house.

We offer both bay windows and bow windows. To differentiate, a bay window will typically be composed of three window panes, creating a box-like appearance, whereas a bow window will have a curved visual composed of four to five panes. Both are capable of creating a stylish look, achieving a spacious design defined by natural light.

astragal white casement windows bay

Elegant Style, Practical Design…

Here at Mr Window, we champion the combination of beauty and practicality. No doubt, new windows will improve the appearance and value of your property – but having new bay windows fitted will breathe fresh life into your home, cultivating a design defined by beauty, elegance and charm. Furthermore, our bespoke bay windows can add height where a roof awning is chosen. Bay windows can be floor to ceiling, or based on top of a dwarf or waist-height brick wall. You could opt to have coloured glass patterned into the fanlights, which is a popular choice amongst our customers. Our bay windows come in a wide range of finishes and colours, capable of complimenting both modern and traditional designs depending on your design needs. Moreover, they come in a multitude of different designs and materials, from aluminium, to timber, steel and uPVC.

We understand that the duty of a window is not simply to offer beauty, but to offer security too. That’s why we assure all our bay windows are Secured by Design accredited, manufactured in the UK using state of the art security features, capitalizing on durable, A+ rated double glazing as standard. Rest assured, our double glazing will ensure your rooms are warm, quiet and above all else secure. We strive to create elegant designs coupled with a prioritisation of security, to give you peace of mind.

We’re confident we can create bay windows to compliment the style of your home and deliver to you the sophistication you deserve.

Why Choose Us?

Our chief priority is to imagine, create and install your perfect, personalized bay window. All our designs are bespoke, explicitly tailored to your specifications – we won’t be satisfied until you’re satisfied. We’ve acquired over 25 years of experience to ensure a mastery of our craft – coupled with our FENSA certified expert installers, you’ll know you’re in safe, capable hands. All our bespoke designs are made-to-measure, giving you the perfect fit capable of preventing heat loss. We utilise toughened, A+ rated double glazing as standard, ensuring your windows are durable, safe and reliable. Moreover, our SBD-accredited bay windows harness the benefits of modern security features (such as bi-directional locking, which we believe is a technological security triumph), to give you protection from intruders as well as gusts and drafts.

Our committed, friendly team can design bay windows with you and your home in mind: we’ll create a design capable of complimenting the style of your home. We will use a square, angled or polygonal bay that isn’t just a replacement window, but a new visual to improve the aesthetic of your home as well as increase available room space.

We’re proud to satisfy our customers, a feat measurable by the fact that 80% of our 9,000 clients return to us for further home improvement work. We’re pleased to offer a 10 Year Guarantee, too! If you have any budgetary concerns, we have ‘buy now, pay later’ schemes available, with a 0% interest-free rate between 12 and 60 months. Our team of certified experts are ready to assist with enquiries today – for any bay window questions, queries or quotes, please give us a call on 01702 555553, or contact us via our online quote calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bay windows outdated?

No, in fact they’re making a resurgence, appearing in a variety of modern builds. They briefly went out of style during the 1980s, but have since rediscovered their popularity. They’re popular due to their ability to foster an atmosphere of elegance and grace, whilst granting homeowners extra room within their house.

Are bay windows expensive?

Bow and bay windows have earned a reputation of luxury – due to their design and elegance, they can cost more than your typical standard window. However, we believe the visual appeal alone is worth a little bit of an extra cost – furthermore, we never over-price or over-promise, so you’ll be confident knowing you’ve received a fair price from a reputable seller. Furthermore, bay windows actually increase a house’s market value, making them a fantastic investment.

Are bay windows energy efficient?

The energy efficiency of a window has little to do with its style and more to do with how it is made. Our bay windows are incredibly energy efficient because we utilise A+ rated glass and high-quality uPVC. We also craft all of our bay windows inhouse, ensuring the highest quality craftsmanship which is subject to rigorous quality control.

What is the difference between a bay window and a bow window?

The key difference between the two is the sections that comprise the window – a bay window is typically three-sectioned and appears more angular. Opposing this, a bow window is at least four-sectioned and thus appears more arc-shaped and circular. At Mr Window, we can craft both bay and bow windows.

Do Bay windows need support?

Yes, they must be installed with a sufficient support system. However, this can be achieved via braces from below or from above, using steel cables bolted onto the overhead framing. Both systems will ensure your bay window is safe and supported – our certified, expert installers will be able to provide more information on which one may suit your property.