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We believe the correct window is essential to a home’s ambience. Replacement windows are an essential area when considering home improvement – an area capable of adding significant value to your property whilst ensuring your security. Our team enjoys a rich history of replacing windows and we use our vast experience to bring your vision to life. We offer a wide range of styles, finishes and colours, and we’d love to help you plan and install your new dream windows.

Windows provide light, ventilation, protection, insulation and much, much more. Naturally, you’re going to want replacement windows which match your home’s design while offering you the very best protection from both weather and intruders. That’s why all our windows use the very best uPVC and materials, with A+ rated double glazing used as standard. Coupled with our Secured by Design certified security features, you’ll always be protected. We’re here to help you make the right choice for your home – so give us a call now on 01702 555553 and have your windows replaced by Mr Window, Essex’s leading window replacement company.

Have a look at why you should choose our windows

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Mr Window are delighted to be able to offer you:

  • A Ten-Year Guarantee on all window installations
  • Bespoke design to suit your style and property
  • Both Traditional and Modern Window styles
  • Vast choice of finishes and colours to choose from
  • Energy efficient double-glazed units, A+ Rated as standard
  • Over 25 + years’ experience in double glazing
  • Secured by Design certified windows designed with your safety and security in mind
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Replacement Windows

As a leading Essex window company, we ensure our bespoke designs come with an array of finishes and colours to choose from, giving you the perfect design to accompany your property. With options in aluminium, steel, uPVC and wood, we have a vast selection to match your security and design needs. In addition, we capitalize on innovative, modern technology – we bring you quality double glazed, uPVC windows backed by energy efficient A+ Rated, SBD accredited materials. Manufactured in our UK-Based factory, we ensure all our uPVC windows are created with your safety and security in mind. Whether you’re in-market for Bay Windows, Casement Windows, Sliding Sash Windows or Tilt and Turn Windows, we’re sure we can provide all the assistance you need. We’re happy to answer any question and soothe any worry. After all, we’re so confident in our craft and our double glazing, we offer a Ten-Year Guarantee. Now that’s peace of mind!

Take a look at our Windows Galleries to see the different types and styles of windows we can install for you – if you’re unsure what windows will compliment your property, give us a call on 01702 555553 to arrange a visit from one of our experts. We’re always here to help.

Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves on our exceptionally high standards, which find their roots in our 25 + years of experience. Our expert team only manufactures windows using the very best materials, designed to offer security, endurance and warmth via heat retention technology. Our reputation is built upon our honesty, integrity and a deep sense of pride in our work. While other double-glazing firms may over-price and over-promise, we ensure our business is conducted in a transparent, friendly and fair manner.

We will always price honestly, and we will always fit our windows with care and grace. If you have any budgetary concerns, we have ‘buy now, pay later’ schemes available, with a 0% interest-free rate between 12 and 60 months. So, if you’re searching for superior quality windows, coupled with a team well aware of the ins-and-outs of the window world, look no further. Mr Window is a friend you can recommend.

Here are the different kind of windows we supply and fit.

Casement Windows
• Georgian Style
• Victorian Design
• Vertical Windows
Sash Windows
Tilt and Turn
Bay Windows
• Grey Substrate Windows
• Heritage Flush Windows

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As you can see, we offer a wide range of bespoke windows, uniquely tailored to your palate, exceeding the desires of today’s home owner. From timber to uPVC, we offer a wide array of materials, ensuring you’re spoilt for choice. We’ll keep your home or business secure and comfortable all year-round while creating a sleek, unique and stylish design.

Perhaps you’re searching for a brand-new look – you might be wanting to change a standard window into a Bay or Georgian design, or maybe you’re looking to foster a vintage atmosphere and are therefore interested in a Heritage Flush Window. No matter what unique design projects you have, our job is to bring your dream design to life. From brand new designs to a simple repair service, we’re delighted to complete the job at hand. Just give us a call today on 01702 555553 and we’ll help realise your dreams.


We know just how important double glazing is – your choice of replacement window is a reflection of your individual personality and taste.

That’s why we always closely liaise with our clients, to reach the perfect solution to your window dilemmas. We’ll be sure to talk you through every step, from how your window is to look, how it will function, to how we ensure your security.

Once you’ve been in contact, we can send an expert member of our team to discover your measurements.

These measurements will then be passed on to our professional fitting engineers, who will then build your windows in our factory, located in Benfleet Road, Hadleigh.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What windows are the most energy efficient?

Double glazing, or even triple glazing, are key to energy efficiency. Furthermore, the leading indicator of energy efficiency is the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) scheme. Our windows rank as A+, ensuring low energy bills and incredible heat retention. All our products are manufactured inhouse, crafted to the highest standards and fitted by FENSA qualified installers.

Why are my windows drafty?

Over time, aged windows can become ineffective – this is due to a number or reasons. Small, discrete cracks may have developed, or the glazing putty may have fallen away, or the caulking may have degraded with age – in some cases, old windows can shrink over time. Old, damaged windows will continue to let drafts in and will increase your energy bill. However. we offer window repair services and would be happy to examine the windows and fix the issues at hand. Despite many causes of drafts, repairing the problem is still a viable solution and our experts will be able to identify what’s causing the drafts.

Why are my windows whistling?

You may have noticed your windows are whistling, cracking or popping – this is primarily because the window pane has expanded or contracted in the frame, causing a noisy friction. Furthermore, the silicone sealant can shrink and crack. If this has occurred, there will be small, unnoticeable gaps within the unit, creating noises such as whistling. You can opt to replace the sealant, ensuring no gaps around the frame. If the whistling persists, it’s most probably time for replacement windows. We’re happy to assist- our team can identify problems and fix them. If fixing is no longer viable, we’re experts in replacement windows and can offer something to exceed your expectations.

Why are my windows foggy?

A foggy window means condensation is occurring – this is occurring because the sealant has failed, allowing hot, moist air from within your home to penetrate the panes. Then, it reverts to water upon hitting the much colder surface. This can be alarming – condensation can build an environment of mould, destroying your window. To prevent this, ensure ventilation is sufficient for your property. If you’ve noticed your window is foggy, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Can I repair a crack in my window?

Yes, it is possible to repair a cracked glass pane. If the crack is still small, you can repair this yourself or we can help. If the crack has expanded, however, fixing the cracked glass may prove impossible – if this is the case, you may need to opt for replacement windows. Either way, we’ll be here to help, either by repairing or replacing.