Integrating blinds into double glazing can enhance the beauty of your property, fostering a minimalist, contemporary feel for your home or office space. Instead of hanging blinds behind or in front of a glass unit, these blinds would sit inside the unit, operated manually for precise control.

At Mr Window, we can install state-of-the-art integrated blind systems, defined by sophistication, simplicity and practicality. Our blinds will be professionally positioned between the two pieces of glass, operated by a magnet/pull cord system.

The blinds will be protected within the double glazed, sealed unit. Due to this protection, the blinds will require no cleaning, as they are protected from the elements – the blinds will always appear brand-new, undamaged and will keep their structural integrity despite their internal sealing.

These blinds are ideal for buildings designed to have rooms separated by glass, such as offices, schools and reception areas, where privacy is a necessity in certain rooms. Furthermore, if your home incorporates a contemporary design, integrated blinds can match this décor and help build a theme of modern elegance. If you are planning to have Bi-Fold doors installed, our blinds can be incorporated within the doors, to reinforce a style of practical beauty. They can protect from sunlight, whilst still providing versatility if you’re hoping to enjoy the outside visuals and embrace the weather.

We have a wide range of integrated blinds that will suit any property. If you would like to see examples of what we supply and fit, please take a look at our gallery.

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