Mr. Window offers a blind system that incorporates the blinds within the sealed unit. The blinds are permanently positioned between the two pieces of glass and are operated by a magnet/pull cord system.

The blinds work on the principle of a blind sealed in a double glazed sealed unit. The blinds will require no cleaning as they are protected from the elements. Therefore the blinds will always appear brand new. These are ideal for buildings that have rooms that are separated by glass. Places like offices, school and reception areas where you would like to have privacy in certain rooms. We also install these blinds in all types of homes.

To give you an idea on what we supply and fit, you can take a look here at our gallery.
These blinds are really ideal if you are interested in having our Bi-Fold doors installed. They will keep the bright sunshine out but can still be opened enough so you can see outside. We have a wide range of integrated blinds that will suit any property.

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