We’re more than just windows – we’re home improvement specialists and we’re enthusiastic to help design and build your dream home, no matter what the task at hand. From flat roofing to repair services, we’re here to help! If you would like to know more, please continue reading or give us a call on 01702 555553. We have over 25 years of experience in double glazing, and we hope to bring that wealth of knowledge to you. We can perform maintenance on:

  • Flat roofing
  • Porches
  • Double Glazing Repairs
  • uPVC Repairs
  • Sash Window Repairs
  • Building Work

Flat Roofing

We have vast experience working on flat roofs and gently sloping roofs, including all manner of buildings such as garages, extensions and car ports. Our aim is to offer a friendly and transparent service, and we never over-price or over-promise.

Through repair or construction, we can solve and prevent any leaks or damage your flat roof may have sustained. Our team of qualified experts will use a BBA-approved rubber membrane – we apply a cold application process to achieve a permanent roof which will require no maintenance.

We will not apply roof felt, asphalt or bitumen, as we know that these materials have an incredibly short lifespan. Due to the efficiency of our process, we have reduced the amount of time needed to fix an old roof and apply a new one. Your flat roofing will remain in place for years to come, backed by our impressive 20-year guarantee.

We are a market leader, defined by professionalism, enthusiasm and a commitment to our customers. Join our 9,000 + customers today and speak to us for a no obligation quote.

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Double Glazing Window Repair

Over time, you may notice your windows have sustained damage or degradation, due to their age or simply everyday use. Whether it is the glass, the locks, or the hinges, we can fix any problem with professionalism and efficiency. Your windows may not need replacing – let us have a look and see if we can rectify the problem through a repair service.

Your windows may not be broken – however, condensation might be a problem, causing damp to appear around your windows. If this is the case, the units most probably need re-sealing. This is a simple procedure, that we can fix to the highest of standards in a prompt, quick manner.

Our double glazing engineers always work carefully, dedicated to ensuring a repair service defined by safety and professionalism. We will always inspect the lintels and frames, ensuring the correct structure is in place before fitting a new piece of glass or replacing the window in its entirety.

Replacement or repaired windows are subject to strict building regulations, but we can help here too. Our double-glazing window repair service can help to replace sealed units with new ones that are made precisely to fit the space, and are installed perfectly.

With over 25 years of experience, we’re confident we can handle any repair task, no matter what the damage at hand. With a wonderfully courteous service, our team is ready to take your call and quote with transparency and affordability.

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uPVC Repairs

At Mr Window, we’re uPVC specialists – our craftsmanship, coupled with our unique customer-first approach, will ensure a repair service defined by professionalism and competence. Due to our 25 + years of experience, we’ve encountered every kind of problem a uPVC unit can face – and we’re confident we can repair the unit in question.

Our repair service extends to uPVC windows, doors, conservatories, porches… in fact, any uPVC product that’s in need of repair, we can handle.

Our expert team can repair frames, or replace them with new ones to the highest standard, a standard that defines our work ethic and proficiency. Furthermore, our service includes the choice of a large range of replaceable parts:

  • Handles
  • Hinges
  • Mechanisms
  • Locks

We will custom-make new frames at our UK-based facility, which will be installed by our skilled, FENSA-qualified craftsmen who always work with care and efficiency.

With uPVC repairs, we can ensure new parts are crafted within 5 days. We deliver promptly, and we have low-cost options to meet every budget. Just give us a call today, or visit one of our showrooms in Hadleigh or Westcliff, Essex.

Sash Window Repair

We specialise in repairing and restoring sash windows – whilst some companies may suggest replacements, we believe it’s best to retain but repair where we can. If you have an old property, you may desire to keep the traditional aesthetic as long as possible – we’ll do our best to repair sash windows without replacements. Sometimes, replacement sash windows may be the only option – in such a situation, we can provide viable replacements that fit your home’s theme, with a ten year guarantee to give you peace of mind.

There are multiple benefits to having your sash windows repaired:

  • It can lower your heating bills and improve sustainability.
  • It will reduce noise pollution originating from outside your home.
  • It will stop any draughts you have.
  • It will increase the value of your home.
  • It will stop intruders from breaking into your home as a result of a broken window or lock.

As leading specialists, we design and make bespoke windows, yet are capable of performing the most prestigious sash window repairs. From simple re-cording to more complex draught proofing, we can renovate, restore and replace sash windows that have succumb to damage.

Where timber repairs cannot be completed, your sash windows will be precisely measured and accurately matched. We are able to achieve the most authentic replica that is building safety standards compliant, capable of complimenting the style of the existing sliding sash units.

Give us a call today or feel free to visit our showrooms in Hadleigh and Westcliff, where our expert team members can offer a no obligation quote – we even offer to beat written quotes, ensuring the best price possible

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Building Work

Whether you’re installing new windows, doors, a conservatory or porch, building work is inevitable. As opposed to hiring another company to complete this work, our team of specialist experts are able to perform brick work, plastering and most other jobs connected to windows, doors, conservatories and porches – saving you both time and hassle.

We believe in offering a service that is all-encompassing, to ensure a complete job is accomplished without relying on multiple different companies. We will complete building work, as well as any kind of maintenance work that is required. We’re experienced experts in all aspects of our field, and we’re sure we can competently perform any building work that may be required – we’ll comply to all building regulations and safety guidelines, ensuring all work is conducted with minimal interruption to you and your household.

Our large team of technical engineers are fully qualified to conduct any building work that is required at your property and we’ll always complete the work to the highest standard, to exceed your expectations.

Our team will work professionally at your home or building, within timescales that are pre-agreed to suit you. Call us on 01702 555553, or visit us today in Hadleigh and Westcliff, Essex.