All of our conservatories are manufactured in our own premises. Made to measure so they fit in perfectly with your home. Like all our conservatories, they come with a ten year guarantee, giving you peace of mind knowing that they will last for years to come.

If any problems were to arise with your conservatory then contact us as soon as possible and the problems will be fixed.

Manufactured using reinforced uPVC frames and super-efficient ‘A Rated’ glass to keep your home safe and secure and to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

The Edwardian era meant furniture and properties were built around square simplistic design which made much more of the available space than, say, the Victorians who opted for angles and delicate roof lines.

There are so many ways we can make your conservatory unique. For instance, we could add different coloured glass in a pattern of your choice into the fanlights. Chrome door handles can be added and can look very effective indeed. In order to maximise the amount of light you will have, your Edwardian conservatory will have a variable pitched roof that will let in the right amount of sunshine just when you need it.

The Edwardian conservatory adds necessary space to today’s home in a simple yet elegant way. You can choose from a selection of single or double doorways depending on how big or small your conservatory will be. We will incorporate ways to circulate air through openers and roof vents so your conservatory does not get too hot at any time of the year.

The team at Mr Window work tirelessly to help all of our clients achieve a finished look that not only reflects Edwardian design, but that transforms your home with a modernistic addition.