Why Choose Panel Doors?

Panel Doors are crafted by fitting multiple panels together, as opposed to using a single unit of uPVC. Typically, they’re shaped to pattern, offering a unique, beautiful appeal, capable of improving the design of any home. At Mr Window, our panel doors are bespoke, made inhouse to the highest of standards, capitalising on our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Using these facilities, we’re able to offer the most current double glazing technology. With our 25+ years of experience, we’ll endeavour to deliver the most professional, courteous and transparent service. If you’re looking for the perfect panel door to compliment your home, then look no further – we’ll create something both beautiful and durable.

Introduce your house the right way…

At Mr Window, we understand the importance of doors. Your front door acts as the introduction to your home – therefore it must be beautiful, whilst practical. After all, home is where the heart is, and it all begins with the front door. With our vast choice of styles, colours and glass, you’ll be able to design a front door defined by your specifications, requirements and personal flair. We’re confident we can craft a panel door to be the focal point of your home. Every uPVC panel door we manufacture is reinforced with galvanized steel, to keep you and your home safe and secure. We manufacture using ‘A’ rated toughened glass as standard, protecting you from intruders and adverse weather conditions. Add to this our multi-point locking systems, and you’ll be confident your safe, secure and protected. Indeed, all our doors are Secured by Design accredited. Furthermore, our glass will reduce your energy bills, whilst keeping the cold out and the warm in.

Replacement Panels

If you’re looking for new panels, and a full door replacement is out of your budget, don’t worry! We’re here to help, and we can offer a simple replacement service just for your panels. We’ll be happy to measure, manufacture and fit premium quality bespoke panels, patterned to your liking. We’re sure our replacement panels will exceed your expectations.

Why Choose Us?

Our aim is to deliver to you bespoke, made-to-measure panel doors, characterised by elegance, personality and safety. We’ll start with the design process, offering our expertise to ensure a style defined by beauty. After this, an expert, FENSA qualified fitter will be able to install the door with confidence and proficiency. Our professional team strive to impress, and we credit this level of enthusiasm and professionalism to our success. We’re committed to home improvements, creating beauty for homeowners across Essex and the wider South East. If you’re opting for a replacement service, our double glazed panels are professionally measured for a precise fit and designed with sophistication in mind. We’ll use your measurements, manufacture and resize the panels at our own premises, before installing them professionally.

If you have any budgetary concerns, we have ‘buy now, pay later’ schemes available, with a 0% interest-free rate between 12 and 60 months. We’re always here to help. If you have individual requirements, and would like a chat, please call us on 01702 555553, or contact us via our online quote calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are panel doors secure?

Yes – they’re incredibly secure. All our panel doors are reinforced with galvanized steel, as well as utilising toughened, ‘A rated’ glass. Furthermore, we ensure the use of multi-point locking systems, ensuring the safety of you and your household. Finally, all our panel doors are Secured by Design accredited, providing protection from any would-be intruders.

Are panel doors energy efficient?

Yes! Our panel doors are crafted inhouse, using energy efficient, ‘A rated’ glass. Our panel doors will protect from adverse weather conditions whilst keeping your energy bills low.

How are panel doors made?

They are crafted not from a single slab, but instead comprised of many panels which fit together to complete the finished door. Typically, they’re used for exterior doors, but can be used for interior doors if you’re seeking a heavier door to stifle sound.

How do I clean panel doors?

We would recommend first dusting the door, to remove any excess, loose particles of dust or dirt. After this, warm water with just a little soap, coupled with a sponge will do the job. To clean the glass panels, try a microfibre cloth with a good quality glass cleaning solution and your door will be sparkling clean in no time!

Are panel doors in style?

Yes, panel doors are quite popular – due to our inhouse facilities, we can design something unique, bespoke and capable of complementing your property. We offer an abundance of choice when it comes to colour, glass and finishes.