Why Choose Composite Doors?

Composite doors are crafted from a variety of materials fused together, as opposed to just uPVC or wood. They’re thicker and tougher than their single-material counterparts, offering a finish that’s easily maintained and incredibly strong. These maintenance benefits, coupled with their contemporary design, demonstrate why they’ve become a popular choice across the UK.

At Mr Window, our composite doors are not affected by climate change or environmental stimuli, due to their structural integrity and composition. They will never discolour, fade, or require taxing maintenance (apart from a quick wipe over with a damp cloth every now and again!).

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Wonderfully beautiful, easily maintained…

Here at Mr Window, we supply and install a wide range of bespoke composite doors defined by their innovation, beauty and practicality. Our made-to-measure composite doors are available in a variety of different colours and finishes, to match any décor, introducing your home in style.

They’re far superior to timber, or other traditional materials, by way of their low-maintenance, beauty and security. Furthermore, our composite doors are completely reinforced with a high-density material, offering style, durability and security. With our multi-locking system, our composite doors are highly secure – keeping you, your family and your home safe from intruders at all times. Indeed, our doors are Secured by Design accredited, a testimony to how much we value your safety.

No matter your design need, we’ll be able to help – we’re able to provide you with alternative finishes such as traditional timber style, or colour finishes to compliment the ambience of your home.

Strong, durable, and energy efficient…

Our range of composite doors are lightweight yet extremely strong, having been rigorously tested to ensure durability against extreme weather conditions.

They’re specifically designed to retain heat and eliminate drafts, keeping you protected no matter the weather conditions. We utilise Low-E glass and an energy efficient foam core, to ensure a door defined by efficiency, durability and strength.

Regardless of hot sunshine, or minus temperatures, our composite doors will not warp and stick like their timber counterparts. Our doors are specifically designed for durability, no matter the weather.

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Customise a door from start to finish using a choice of hardware and styles

Why Choose Us?

Our key aim is to conceptualise, manufacture and install your dream composite doors. That’s why our doors are bespoke, tailored to your taste, requirements and specifications. Utilising our 25+ years of experience, we’re proud to create unique composite door designs capable of complimenting any home or property – designs which will be installed by our FENSA certified, highly-qualified fitters. Furthermore, all our bespoke designs are made-to-measure, giving you the perfect fit together with the perfect design. Our manufacturing feats are achieved inhouse, too, making efficient use of our state-of-the-art, UK-based facilities. When you choose us, you’ll know you’re in safe hands.

If you have any budgetary concerns, we have ‘buy now, pay later’ schemes available, with a 0% interest-free rate between 12 and 60 months. To speak to us about replacing your current doors and windows, please call our expert team on 01702 555553 we’ll be happy to guide you through our comprehensive range of composite doors and answer any questions you may have. If you’d like a free quotation, call us or use our online quote calculator now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are composite doors energy efficient?

Yes, they’re arguably the most energy efficient door on the market. They’re designed to ensure the retention of heat and combat drafts all year round. We utilise an energy efficient foam core and Low-E glass, creating a door which will keep you warm and your energy bills down.

Are composite doors worth it?

Yes – they’re incredibly strong and durable whilst ensuring fantastic energy efficiency. Furthermore, they’re designed to be incredibly visually appealing, ensuring a door defined by strength and beauty.

Can you break into a composite door?

Composite doors are incredibly secure – any intruder attempting to break into a composite door is going to have an extremely difficult time. They’re made from robust material to create a door defined by strength – furthermore, we ensure all our composite doors include our multi-locking system. All our products are Secured by Design accredited, to ensure the safety of you and your household.

Do composite doors warp in the sun?

No. We ensure our composite doors will not warp, expand or disfigure, no matter the weather.

Are composite doors difficult to clean?

No, not at all. All you will need is a soft sponge accompanied by warm, soapy water. You’ll be easily able to remove grit and grime with the sponge and water, creating a sparkling finish!