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Heritage flush sash windows, or flush casement windows, are a beautiful design marrying tradition with modernity. Flush sash windows close flush into the outer frame, in-line with the face of the window, as opposed to protruding out of the frame like a typical casement design. They offer the graceful appearance of a timber window with the maintenance benefits of uPVC.

The Heritage Flush Sash design is a flawless combination of modern and classic, creating the perfect aesthetic for both new and old properties. They’re ideal for restoration, heritage and conservation projects. We’re proud to offer:

  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Over 26 colourways
  • High energy ratings
  • Multi-point locking as standard
  • Double glazing and Triple glazing
  • uPVC slim line frames
  • Georgian bar option
  • Low maintenance

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Why Choose Us?

We utilise our 25+ years of experience to ensure a perfect, professional and efficient installation. Our aim is to install your dream, made-to-measure heritage flush sash windows to the highest of standards, taking great care to conform to the unique details of your home. We’re so confident in our workmanship, we offer a 10 Year Guarantee! All of our expert fitters are FENSA certified and Deceuninck registered, with extensive experience in the field. We do not over-promise, or over-price – we believe in transparency above all. If you have any budgetary concerns, we have ‘buy now, pay later’ schemes available, with a 0% interest-free rate between 12 and 60 months. Our team of certified experts are happy to assist with enquiries – call us for quotes on 01702 555553, or get in contact via our online quote calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are flush windows?

Flush windows are defined by sashes which fit completely flat within the frame, without any kind of protruding case or sash. The result is a window with a sleek, elegant appeal.

Are flush windows more expensive?

Yes, flush windows are going to be more expensive than standard casement windows. Their elegant design and slim line frames, coupled with their enhanced-by-design durability, ensures they’ll be worth the extra cost. Furthermore, they’re equal sightlines will enhance the properties kerb appeal, potentially increasing the value of your property. Despite costing more, the difference in price is not extortionate and we never over-price or over-promise.

Are flush windows secure?

Yes – for your peace of mind, we ensure our flush windows include a multi-point locking system and toughened glass for extra safety. All our products are Secured by Design accredited, to ensure the safety of you and your household.

Are flush windows easy to maintain?

Yes – we ensure all our windows are easily maintained. With flush windows, you may find they’re easier to clean than standard casement windows, due to their flush lines. The window will have fewer places for dirt and dust to collect.

Are flush windows durable?

Despite their stylish slime line frames and graceful, fine appearance, their incredibly durable. We use high-quality upvc to ensure durability, and all our flush windows come with a 10 year guarantee.