Choosing double glazing / windows for your Essex home

Buying windows should be simple, but it isn’t. Choosing the wrong windows for your home can mean buying poorly built products that simply don’t result in a well dressed home – you may regret your decision for years, something that can be avoided.


The style of the windows you choose is one of the most important choices to make. If you wish your home to have kerb appeal, the windows must suit its character.

It may be you are just replacing one or two of the windows. The new windows need to be the same design as the rest or you risk losing the visual appeal and fitting windows that look like nobody cares about the property.


Dependent on your individual taste and preferred style, the material used for the new window frames is equally as important as the style you choose.

Whilst timber framed oak windows may look wonderful on that country cottage down the road, they may look out of place if fitted to your home.

Planning permission may dictate the style and material of the windows you choose. For example you may require permission if your home is listed, or if you are to choose a style and material that is dramatically different from other homes in the area.

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