1. Functionality – how will you use it?

Are you choosing one to use as an office, play room, sitting or games room, or will it have multiple uses

2. Design – will your preferred style suit your homes character?

Victorian, lean to, high pitched roof whilst most styles suit most types of houses, an orangery may be desirable but not suited to a terraced home or bungalow!

3. Material – timber, steel or uPVC frame?

The materials you choose to use will have a lasting effect on how long your new space lasts and how good it looks. Frames are usually uPVC and glazing is polycarbonate, glass or performance glass. Materials that maintain their appearance and don’t need to be cleaned and restored regularly are more desirable than others that do need to be painted, treated and cleaned often.

4. Cost – only have a very little budget?

If you don’t have much money, think about whether you really should be choosing one at all – do you really want the dirt cheap option. Going to low may be a false economy – cheap conservatories are made from substandard materials that don’t last and are likely to lose their appeal after just months.

They will probably need constant repair or maintenance. Unless the ‘cheaper’ firm has better products than its competitor at the same price, then it’s not worth considering. Always compare companies not just for price, but for the materials they use.

5. Planning permission – have you checked with your local authority? If your home has already been extended, is listed or is set within a conservation area you will probably need to seek permission to add a conservatory, and there may be specific restrictions.

Ensure that you check with the local authority and with the firm you have chosen to build and fit your new conservatory, and ask vital questions about building regulations.

Finally, choose a reputable company that can professional design your new space to a high specification. Use a firm that can back up claims of certification and can offer genuine testimonials from real customers.

Don’t risk paying out to a company that you haven’t vetted first, this is a large investment and it’s not worth taking risks.

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