We at Mr. Window offer the very best in garage door installations, from an up and over manual system to a fully automated system we have the ability to fulfill all your garage door needs.

Our range offers incredible choices of all the major manufacturers, all styles and types of door in a variety of materials and myriad of colours.

So if you have a garage connected to your home or a private garage in a block and you need a new garage door because the one you have is broken or maybe a bit dated then please take a look at the different style garage doors we supply and install here.

Some of our customers like the doors that raise up because they are limited with the amount of space they have especially when their garage is in a block and there are other cars parked either side. Doors can often swing open if they are not secured properly meaning they could hit the cars that are parked either side. Having said that, having 2 doors are beneficial to some people.

Our garage doors are easy to install. Our professional team can do this in a matter of hours and can also fix any problems you may have with an existing garage door.