Our roofline products will provide easy maintenance, efficient weatherproofing, and a beautiful style to complement your home. Our choice of materials, coupled with our craftsmanship, will ensure a roofline that’s stylish, yet saves you both money and time. A fantastic alternative to traditional timber fascia’s, guttering and cladding, roofline products enhance the features of your home whilst protecting from adverse weather, water ingress and vermin.

  • British Standards Compliant
  • Class 1 fire rating
  • Awarded the BBA and BSI certifications
  • Will not discolour
  • Non lead formulation

Safe yet Stylish…

One key benefit of our roofline products is our choice of material – we use the highest quality uPVC, which is incredibly durable, without requiring the same maintenance as timber. Our uPVC does not rot, warp or require painting, opposed to its timber equivalent which can fall victim to these shortcomings. Due to our uPVC’s structural integrity, your roofline will not discolour, ensuring a quality look made to last. We only use commendable roofline products defined by their durability – our long-lasting solution does not flake, crack, or fade like timber. Due to the strengths of uPVC, they are capable of lasting for many years without the need for regular repair or treatment.

At Mr Window, we ensure all our products are British Standards Compliant, BBA and BSI accredited, and incredibly safe – our roofline products are accredited Fire Rating Class 1, the highest rating in British fire safety standards. Furthermore, we understand that practicality is only one aspect of your roofline – that’s why we offer a variety of uPVC trims and features, that not only protect your home, but provide a stylish, complementary look that will last. Our roofline products can be customised to fit any home or commercial build, capable of adapting to the theme of your property.

Get in Contact

We’re proud of our home improvement knowledge and proficiency. If you’re requiring any roofline services, we would be delighted to help any way we can. Our team of friendly, qualified professionals are always happy to assist – if you have any questions, enquiries or would like a quote for your roofline, please give us a call on 01702 555553. Or if you would like to visit one of our showrooms, you can find us in Hadleigh and Westcliff, Essex.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the roofline of the house?

The roofline of a house commonly refers to the various boards which run along the edge of the house’s roof. The term roofline can also incorporate the soffits, fascia, bargeboards, cladding and antefixes that unite to form the frontage immediately below the roof of the house.

Are uPVC roofline products safe?

Yes, they’re incredibly safe. We ensure all of our roofline products are British Standard Compliant, BBA and BSI accredited. Furthermore, we adhere to British fire safety standards, to the rating of Class 1 – the highest rating achievable.

Are uPVC roofline products superior to timber?

Yes – timber is becoming less popular, as it’s prone to weather damage, rotting and warping. Timber requires frequent maintenance, such as painting and cleaning, and often requires repair work. Our uPVC roofline products are capable of avoiding the drawbacks of timber – we only use the highest quality uPVC defined by robustness and durability.