Shutters can breathe fresh life into your home, revitalising your décor whilst permitting great control over your home’s internal ambience. In addition to the aesthetic benefits shutters offer, they allow an intimate level of control over your privacy and lighting, to ensure you’re always in control of your home’s mood.

We can install shutters on the inside of your home, or on the outside of the property, depending on which style suits your requirements and specifications. Our shutters are incredibly durable, whilst being easy to clean, maintain and manage.

Explore Our Wide Range of Unique Shutters…

At Mr Window, we offer a variety of shutters capable of enhancing your décor – we can fit full height shutters, shaped shutters, solid shutters and many more. Our vast array of shutters can complement all window types, and our professional advisors will happily discuss which colours and finishes will enhance your property. If you would like to view our shutters, we would be delighted to show you examples in our premises, located in Essex. Furthermore, you can see here the type of shutters we have installed for our clients. Utilising the highest-quality materials, we ensure a wide range of colours and styles to craft a whole new look for your home.

Our shutters can act as an extra layer of security, too – they can ensure privacy, making it near-impossible for would-be intruders to see inside your property, therefore acting as a viable deterrent. Furthermore, they can offer protection from pests and insects, such as wasps, flies and bees – you could opt to have open windows, with your shutters closed, to create a sufficient airflow whilst stopping any unwanted pests.

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We pride ourselves on our home improvement knowledge and craftsmanship. If you’re requiring shutters, we would be delighted to provide assistance. Our team of friendly, qualified professionals are always happy to help. If you have any questions or enquiries, or are seeking a quote, please give us a call on 01702 555553, or 0800 917 0083. Or if you’d like to visit us at our showrooms, we’re located in Hadleigh and Westcliff, Essex.