Will double glazed windows be of any benefit in the home?

When compared to single glazing, double glazed windows can be of real benefit to home owners.

The energy efficiency of your home can be improved in a variety of ways, but the addition of double glazing can have a huge impact.

Installing double glazing or a secondary glass can:

  • Reduce fuel bills
  • Decrease Co2 levels
  • Help keep out noise pollution
  • Reduce condensation and damp

Single glazed windows are notably poor at insulating the home. They cool down very quickly, which means the internal temperature reduces. This leads to increased use of central heating and other climate control methods, which mean home owners, have to face higher fuel bills than those living in homes with double glazed windows.

Condensation and damp is reduced with double glazing, because the internal pane of glass is closer to the temperature within the home. The air between the two panes of glass helps maintain this, thus reducing the chance that water is left on the glass.

Double glazing is a long term investment, but the rewards are obvious from the moment they are fitted.

It is worth noting that all of our windows have been tested and are certificated with a thermal energy rating, following our involvement with the BRFC scheme.

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Will secondary glazing help me insulate my home?

For homes with single glazed windows, secondary glazing is a cheaper option than replacing the windows with double glazing.

Secondary glazing is a single pane of glass within a frame that is placed inside the existing single glazed panel.

It is usually an option taken by home owners with listed buildings, because planning permission is not required.

Because it is a less expensive option, it can be a suitable choice for those wishing to improve methods of insulation and saving on heating bills, but for some they are not as visually appealing as double glazed windows.

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Don’t choose an unreliable double glazing company.

With the sheer volume of double glazing companies in the UK, replacing double glazed windows can go oh so wrong if you choose the wrong firm.

Lets be honest, there are cowboys out there and at the opposite end of the scale there are companies that will charge shocking amounts of money to replace windows and doors.

Whether you are sticking rigidly to a low budget, or are looking to find a premium company, we know just how vital it is to get your choice of company right, first time.

By taking a bit of time to research companies online, you may find that they have negative reviews – even one may put you off. Any with genuine and positive reviews can really boost your confidence – if everyone else is happy, then why won’t you be?

There’s nothing like calling a high pressure sales company, to find they ring you constantly until you book an appointment, and then they won’t leave for 3 hours. Even worse, some tactics window firms use are less than acceptable – lowering the original price to get you ‘interested’, ringing their boss to speak to you.

Unbelievable, but it happens.

Choose a good firm with good online reviews, honest testimonials, and who have customers locally that you can speak to or visit.

We don’t use any of the above tactics, we are an honest company with morals and this is why we have a formidable reputation as a leading double glazing company who delights our customer every time.

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Choosing the wrong windows for your Essex home

Buying windows should be simple, but it isn’t. Choosing the wrong windows for your home can mean buying poorly built products that simply don’t result in a well dressed home – you may regret your decision for years, something that can be avoided.


The style of the windows you choose is one of the most important choices to make. If you wish your home to have kerb appeal, the windows must suit its character.

It may be you are just replacing one or two of the windows. The new windows need to be the same design as the rest or you risk losing the visual appeal and fitting windows that look like nobody cares about the property.


Dependent on your individual taste and preferred style, the material used for the new window frames is equally as important as the style you choose.

Whilst timber framed oak windows may look wonderful on that country cottage down the road, they may look out of place if fitted to your home.

Planning permission may dictate the style and material of the windows you choose. For example you may require permission if your home is listed, or if you are to choose a style and material that is dramatically different from other homes in the area.

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Don’t pay too little or too much for your windows and doors

Bargain windows are all too apparent these days.

While it’s important for us all to stick to a budget, low priced windows are meaning many of us are buying into a false economy.

There is not a real need to pay thousands of pounds for windows. But very cheap windows should be avoided too – it may turn out that they are in need of repair or constant maintenance after a few years, a real false economy.

We are a reputable company with over 9,000 customers who rely on us and happily come back to us for doors, porches, windows, soffits, fascias and conservatories when the need arises.

We don’t overcharge and we don’t make cheap windows that need constant repair.

Because we make all our own windows on site, and have a brand new contemporary showroom, we strictly monitor the quality of our products and you can view all of our items if you decide to visit us.

We can pass on cost savings to our customers whilst offering wonderful quality and expert fitting, speak to us today 01702 555 553.